Hello! My name is DianDian

Hello! My name is DianDian and I want to be your next “Oh my, I cant believe she is not adopted yet” 😁 Too be honest, I do not blame myself, the first picture of me was not flattering. I just arrived in the shelter after quite a rough period. A girl is allowed to have “off days” right ladies??? Anyway, I am completely perked up now. Well, not the most confident dog out there but we can work on that together. 💕💕💕  


LIFT OFF LUCKY Today was THE DAY we desired for so long. Lucky left the gates of the shelter far behind to start his very own adventure 💕 ENORMOUS thank you to his super adopters for giving this sweetheart the chance he so deserves 💕💕💕 Happy tears  


LIFT OFF DIDI & PAULI Close call for these little munchkins. With temperatures flirting around 30, it can be too hot for dogs transported on tarmac. Luckily the flight volunteer went out of her way to help make it happen. Dogs were shipped in with last call, straight to the plane! HUGE thanks to flight volunteer 💕 Have a safe flight sweeties


✈LIFT OFF STIPPLE✈ Thanks to an super duper frequent fly volunteer, Stipple was able to go home today ❤ He had his doubts, but he will get it once he sees his very own bed 🇨🇦 Have a safe flight sweeties ❤  

Hello! My name is QQ

Hello! My name is QQ and I have been living in the shelter since I was a tiny pupper. Just want to say, I dont think thats really fair. Ok, I might not be the most confident dog here but I am not that bad looking right? Surely someone can fall in love with my puppy eyes? I am really eager to find out what is behind that gate! Can you give me that chance and share my flyer? Thank you 💕

Make her B-day wish come true…

My name is Huang and I got a new rabies shot in the shelter today. This means I am officially two years here now… My third birthday is coming up and you can guess what my wish will be… Please help share my flyer, the more people know me, the bigger my chance is to make my wish come true 💕 Big hug and a kiss from Huang

🐾Welcome litte YuYan🐾

🐾Welcome litte YuYan🐾 Lying on curb near gas station. Being so small and on streets, must have lowered her immune as demodex mites riddled her small body. Lucky for her, our Kath is a demodex expert and YuYan will be pretty in no time 💪💪💪 Our vet bill (and others) are sky rocketing due to puppy season, if you can spare an rmb, please scan the QR. Or come have a drink at our pawty, we really need your support 🙏🙏🙏

Coolest rollers in town!

This super amazing group managed to roll together an amazing amount of 10.000 RMB😲😲😲 This money will go straight to pay off our huge bills. We have more then 240 dogs in our care and puppy season isnt over yet… THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH for stepping up and making a difference 💕💕💕