Nana on Tour

While everyone is cheering for the guys in Tour de France, we are cheering for our very own Nana in her own Tour d’Allemagne 😁 Notice her super cool outfit? Our friend can design your own! Support our shelter dogs and look smoking hot, its a true win-win 😁



✈LIFT OFF QIQI✈ June 2018, over 20 dogs were in police custody and the truck of the killing pound was on its way. We knew we had to hurry! Together with volunteers, Kath and Rose got all the dogs into safety. One of them was gorgeous QiQi. Quiet and sweet but no luck of getting adopted… Until today! Thanks to flight volunteer Juan and AnnSophie who arranged it all, Qiqi is off to her forever home in Denmark with the sweetest mum and furry siblings. Finally this little lady will get all the love and attention she so longed for πŸ’• Thank you to all who made it possible! Have a safe flight you guys πŸ’•πŸ’•

750 dogs official SAR dogs.

750 dogs official SAR dogs. Considering we started out hoping to help 40, this number is baffling. And humbling. We never would have pulled this off without you, THANK YOU for all your support! Lets keep going πŸ’ͺ

🐾Welcome Bella🐾

🐾Welcome Bella🐾 This sweet girl was adopted through another org when she was just a puppy. She grew up as a family dog. Now the family is moving and they decided not to take her. πŸ’” Our shelter is truly over full so we decided to put Bella in boarding. She is already having a hard time there, she would be completely traumatised in the shelter… Some might say this is a crazy cost since we already have a huge debt. But please, go meet her and you will understand. She will break your heart… If anyone can spare a rmb to help pay her bill, please shout…