LIFT OFF ROCK Doing rescue, you can meet the most amazing and warm hearted people. And if you are blessed, they become friends. Utter respect for these two power ladies who are super fosters. Cant wait to see Rock swimming in lakes instead of puddles 😁 Thank you to sweet flight volunteer for making his trip possible! Safe flight you guys 💕💕💕


💥ADOPTED💥 Tiny sweetheart dumped in the shelter with his tiny jacket and a cardboard sign saying he was a street dog. Most street dogs dont come with jackets and it was clear he suffered from being in a cage. Luckily we found him a super foster and even more lucky as this great lady fell in love with him 💕 Below 5 kg but the personality of a Alaskan Malamute. Give your mummy a big kiss from us little TianTian 💕💕💕


💥ADOPTED💥 One thing is for sure, Boomer wont be short of love and attention and mates to play with 😁 Thank you sweeties 💕


LIFT OFF MUNIASH Found completely beaten up. The hard decision was made to amputate both legs. Muniash spirit was enlightning and he put a spell on everyone he met. But who could and would fall in love and give him a forever home? Thanks to Nid, Muniash found his perfect match in Canada. Today was his big day. We are all super emotional about him and hope everyone over there will fall in love like we did 💕 Big thank you to sweet flight volunteer for making it possible 💕💕💕


✈LIFT OFF LUPO✈ For this sweet boy, friday the 13th was a very lucky day 💕 Thanks to sweet Anne, he is flying home 💪 Found living in ruins of abandoned houses, Lupo was way too sweet to survive on his own. He will have a proper FOREVER home now 💕💕💕