Please help if you can

We really hate begging but we currently have no choice. With a summer debt of over 60K (7700 euro) we have no available funds. We found this little puppy of 4 kg with bones sticking out. She needs operation now, asap. Total cost will be around 4.000 RMB (500 euro) Please can anybody help?

🐾Welcome Idy🐾

🐾Welcome Idy🐾 We truly believe dogs can recognise “good people”. Little Idy noticed Ekat walking on busy street and went straight at her. Declared completely healthy, just a bit car sick on way to the vet All will be fine now sweetie


LIFT OFF TOMMY Some serious goofball sweetness left to Europe tonight 💕 Tommy was found in Hangzhou, just after the serious crackdown on street dogs. His fur was incredibly matted so he must have been on street long time. Smart as he is, he managed to dodge the evil dog catchers… Also tonight, he knew exactly what was happening, he behaved perfect and was excited like a kid before Xmas Eve… We will miss this little goofball but we also cant wait to see him in his truly forever home 💕 Big thanks to his amazing flight volunteer, his last step to his new life 💕💕

🐾Welcome Gustavo🐾

🐾Welcome Gustavo🐾 This little sweetie was dumped in front of the vet office in a dirty cardboard box. He is as innocent as he can be, please help him get out of that cage and keep his innocence

Welcome Coco

🐾Welcome Coco🐾 Tiny Coco was dumped at the vet after her owner refused to pay the bill. The owner of the clinic tried to recuperate his “loss” by selling her. Years passed and he now agreed to release her… The years in isolation havent made her a social girl (can you blame her???) So she is looking for an experienced owner to show her what a doggies life is truly about 💕  


LIFT OFF SAMO Sweet Samo was “forgotten” at the vet. Months on end he waited in the vet cage for his owner to return. Now he has a loving family who will never forget him. Thank you to Petra for taking him there 💕