🐾Pupdate Cookie🐾

🐾Pupdate Cookie🐾 While we are being swamped with new puppies, we can not forget the ones from last “puppy season” who unfortunately grew up in the shelter. Cookie is one of those sweethearts. She came to the shelter when she was tiny and is longing so much for a home of her very own. Sweet as can be, someone must fall in love? 🙏🙏🙏

✈LIFT OFF Amari & Huey✈

LIFT OFF Amari & Huey Let there be no doubt, we love all our dogs. But seeing a dog leave who at first battled for his life, is always extra emotional. The desire to help them fight, the uber joy when they pull through, the gratitude and love they give afterwards… It can only be described with two words: “Pure Love”. Thank you to all who cared, everyone that donated and cheered them on. 💕 Have a safe flight sweeties, we cant wait to see you hugging on a warm couch 💕  


Practical fostering is easy, but we can not deny that it is a rollercoaster of emotions. These little dogs are so grateful, they creep into your heart before you know it… But it shouldnt stop you from doing it, the feeling of making a difference makes it all worth it 💕💕💕



LIFT OFF LUFFA Luffa was rescued by Kaths husband as a little pupper. From day 1, Luffa never left his side… So today was a mix of happiness and sadness of goodbye… We know this sweetie pie will make his new family as happy as he made us. Big thank you to flight volunteer for being the last step of his new life 💕 Safe flight you guys 💕💕💕

Pumpkin ;-))))

No more fighting for food. Biggest fight Pumpkin has at the moment is getting sleeping space as close as possible to mum… To all people who don’t believe in what we do, this is WHY… (Big hug to mummy)

🐾Pupdate Anastasia🐾

🐾Pupdate Anastasia🐾 Busy days for this sweet girl. First she got a good bath and a shave. She absolutely loved getting rid of all that matted fur! It also gave a better glance of her tail tumor and vet decided amputation was best way to go. So she now has a little stompy tail but when all that fur grows back, she will be drop dead gorgeous💕💕💕 If anyone wants to help with medical bill, please scan QR code or send us a message. Including all the tiny pups, we are well over 200 dogs in our care. Any help will be much appreciated 💕 

✈LIFT OFF Sasa & Louie✈

✈LIFT OFF Sasa & Louie✈ Thanks to amazing flight volunteers Elaine & Johnny of JackWolfskin, these two sweeties will start their new lives in Europe tomorrow💕 Big hug to our Doris for arranging all! Have a safe flight you guys 💕💕💕