?ADOPTED? You can not believe HOW HAPPY we are to post this! Thanks a BILLION for everyone that reposted! It is Misos turn! He is going home! ????

Visiting day at the shelter

?Visiting day at the shelter? All dogs put their best paws forward. They all dream of a home. Even if they dont know what that means as they never had one… Are you thinking of adoption? Please come visit! 

Support TNR!

Kitten season is hitting Shanghai full-blown again. We do not have time to set up any TNR programs ourselves but we do support other groups who do. Together we set up a new campaign to promote TNR 


?LIFT OFF SANDY? No better way to start your weekend then sending off a doggy from the shelter to a warm forever home! Sandy was found wandering in the streets, begging for food. Despite his fluffy appearance, it was hard for him to find a home. Lucky for him, a lady in Europe fell head over heels in love   Cant wait to see him curled up in his own little bed! Safe travels little one! ❤️❤️❤️

Pupdate on little Gomez

?Pupdate on little Gomez? He is doing great and slowly regaining his beautiful fur. He is behaving like a carefree little pupper as he should be! Want to adopt a dog with a strong story to tell? Gomez is your (little) guy! Want to see for yourself? Come visit! All our dogs are up for hugs and kisses! ❤️❤️❤️

Milo is going home…

?Good news to end a long day ?We knew it wouldn’t take long for this gorgeous boy to conquer someone’s heart 😉 He will be running in Europe soon, in his own private garden en getting lots of hugs and kisses daily.❤️❤️❤️

Remember us?

In a world filled with purebreds and curly and fluffy hairs, it is harder to find adopters for the real rural breeds. But these two hit the jackpot… An amazing warm family adopted them and they are living the perfect dog dream in Pudong. Thank you sooooo much for giving these two cuties a chance!   We have over 70 dogs waiting for their dream to come true, please contact us if you can make that happen