Harry is ADOPTED en we could not have found him a better home! His amazing adopters have rescued no less then 3 paralysed shelter dogs so far. No dog should ever get the stamp “unadoptable”. Somewhere, someone is waiting for them!

Have an amazing life little Harry, will miss your sweet face!


Sad story with an absolute perfect end. Little Gus was thrown out because of an eye infection We found him an amazing foster family who had experience with this special breed and they fell in love!!! ENORMOUS gratitude to Shay and her family He is home now…

Welcome little Gus

After being dumped for an eye infection, luck changed tremendous for Little Gus. He is now getting nose kisses in his first true loving home! He enjoys every second and we cant blame him… HUGE thanks to Shay and her warm family!  


The start of the big exodus ๐Ÿ˜‰ Frodo, Egg and Little Grey have left Shanghai. Frodo’s brother already showed him the good pee spots ๐Ÿ˜‰ THANK YOU TO ALL who made this possible! Many more can’t wait to leave and still 30 doggies are hoping they get a Golden ticket!