✈️ Lift Off Flo & Egon

Part 1 of our little marathon night ? Flo and Egon left for Holland! HUGE thank you to Heleen and family for guiding these little ones to their new life! Have a safe flight, we can’t wait to see you RUNNNN!


Bye Sweet Bagel

✈️All handsome men today at Pudong airport! The biggest charmer had a red coat on Have a safe trip little Bagel! No more cage, your warm comfy bed is waiting for you

Not a good sign…

This is certainly not a good sign. When we started rescuing, there were no purebreds up for adoption, certainly no puppies. Yet, counting in little Basset Gus, this makes 3 purebred puppies in less then a month. Granted if Maria is one, we have not been able to say 100%.

So two more babies who need a good, stable, warm, FOREVER home. We were granted permission to stay open till March because we could show the export procedures of the last dogs would take 4 months but everything beyond that is uncertain. But how to say no? How to turn away?

Elza will be BIG and will need place to run. Maria will always need good care of those extra layers of skin on her head which are typical for Sharpei breed. But somewhere someone special is waiting for these special girls. We just need to find them…


?CRAZY week ahead, 14 dogs will leave!!! Thanks to donations, we have tickets for 4 dogs but still 10 flights need to be covered. Please help if you can!