Welcome XiaoBai 

?Welcome XiaoBai? Last pupper that was taken out of the pound. He is still a bit scared but will be ok. Please help spread his flyer to nring back the sparkle in his eyes… ?

Welcome Casper

3.2 kilogram

Under 1 year old

This little baby should be playing with toys, biting toes and discovering the world…

Instead he ended up in the pound. He can’t have been there long as his fur still looks groomed but it did already make an impression on the little guy…

First tests were all clear and besides one mark of lost furr, he is in good health.

Fosters who can let this baby be a puppy again, please step forward…

Aurora & Mowgli

Aurora went to Shenpu to get her official vaccinations and what a perfect girl she is! Biggest respect to her foster mum! Aurora went from a frightened girl to a stunning beauty with a sparkle in her eyes. Mowgli the puppy was more worried about this whole adventure, he just wanted to go home 😉

Gorgeous Piper

Gorgeous Piper (formerly known as Coke) did not just get “a” bed, she got “the” bed ? Thanks a billion Jen ❤️❤️❤️