Absolute amazing day!!! All good news! Three little ones moved to their new forever home and 2 doggies left to loving homes in Germany! THANK YOU ALL who made this possible!  

Welcome little Lina

Little Lina was brought to another shelter with a broken paw. The video of this little one trying to balance on the cage wires, got us all weepy… So despite going over the “magical” number of more then 100 dogs in our care (YAIKES), we welcomed little Lina. And yes, she really is as sweet as she looks!!!

Welcome little Emilia!

Scared and confused, hurt and all alone. You can just see in her eyes how she felt. Never stopped wiggling that tail after she realised she was being helped. We love her to bits already…

Busy but amazing day!

We saw a call for help for Angel Kath, a lab girl that looked like she was hit by a car. She reminded us so much of our dear Nana, we just had to help! We will send updates after Golden Week! Next big step were two little ones finally starting their new life. Enormous thanks to Emma for arranging and Nele for being a flight volunteer and taking these two cuties home!