Busy but amazing day!

We saw a call for help for Angel Kath, a lab girl that looked like she was hit by a car. She reminded us so much of our dear Nana, we just had to help! We will send updates after Golden Week! Next big step were two little ones finally starting their new life. Enormous thanks to Emma for arranging and Nele for being a flight volunteer and taking these two cuties home!  

Join us!

Brownstone for our FUN and four-legged friends!

Please support this event and come to have a relaxed Saturday evening in a beautiful Spanish restaurant.  Spanish food, wine and Sangria in the noble Lujiazuji area. This is an opportunity to have time together with animals lover friends – also with some attractions which we will tell you about later – but definitely an evening with laughter, fun, music and dance. With this event we would like will support one of the kindest woman we have met in China. She is living, working and giving everything she has to care for the stray animals. Please help us to help her with your PRESENCE and support at this event. Come have fun and do something great to help rescue so many dogs in need.

Thank you so much to Brownstone Management to give us the opportunity host our event. They are great Business People but with Heart.