🚕LIFT OFF JONAH🚕 Jonah hopped into the dog taxi to go home today. He wasnt to keen on the long drive but he will be happy once he gets there 💕 Have a safe trip sweetheart, just a couple hours and you will be smothered with love, hugs and kisses 💕


LIFT OFF XIAOMA Gorgeous little XiaoMa finally left to her forever home 💕 It will be true heaven compared to her first “home”… Big thank you to her sweet adopter, our very own Nina will make sure she gets there safely

We need your help

Taking your dog to the vet, can be expensive… Now imagine having 278 dogs 😲 Needless to say, we can’t cover this alone, any help greatly appreciated ❤ We are in need off 45.997,50 RMB (5.852,95 euro) to pay of our vet bill for September. We simply have to many dogs after this summer. Please support if you can, we can’t do it alone…

Please 💕

The forgotten one, the absolute mutt… They say true beauty is on inside. Believe me, I would win every beauty contest if that was true 💕 Could you help share my flyer so maybe, hopefully and soon, I could become someones chosen one?

Please adopt Snow

You know how sometimes people go to shelters and adopt the dog who is longest there? Well, that would be me and I am looking for those people 😎Why I havent been adopted? Gosh, well I dont think my cuteness really shows on pictures. I am only 13 kg… And I am certainly not the bravest but also not frightened scared… I just need a chance and people who understand and will give me some time to adjust… So if you think you are or know someone that would consider, please let me know! Big kiss from Snow 💕