Anyone remember little Bubbles?

Anyone remember little Bubbles? She was found on street on 10th November with a broken pelvis and blood in her urine. Happy to say she got a clean bill of health today and joined us in the general shelter. It is all a bit intimidating for the moment… She was found with a collar so she must have had a home before. Hopefully she will find a new home soon, should be easy with those sweet puppy eyes…


The little one with broken jaw will be operated tomorrow. Her swelling is less but the operation will be tricky. She is not a young doggy and both of her eyes will need to be removed 💔 Please send her some good vibes, she needs them 😪



✈LIFT OFF WUKONG✈ This sweet boy is off to his first Christmas in the snow! We cant wait to see his pictures. HUGE thanks to our amazing flight volunteer Thorsten, who is a pro by now   Have a safe flight you guys!