✈LIFT OFF HEIBAO & OSCAR✈ Very emotional day as Oscar (nr.2 of longest in the shelter) was finally leaving. He is still scared but adoptive mum is experienced and will give him all timr he needs. Plus he will go together with his buddy Heibao💪 Thank you to amazing flight volunteers who made this possible 💕💕💕 Help us to create more stories like this, dont forget to reserve your tickets for our pawty 🐾🐾🐾

🐾Welcome Nidy🐾

🐾Welcome Nidy🐾 An innocent, playful and healty purebred puppy… Reason she ended up in the shelter: the kids dont like her anymore… Its seriously left us lost for words… Please help share so Nidy wont have to spend her precious puppy months in a cage 💔


✈LIFT OFF BELLA✈ To end an incredible busy but good day, we got to ship off sweet Bella to her new forever home💪 Big thanks to sweet flight volunteer Guan Wen for taking her home 💕💕💕

Welcome cutie!

This cutie was arrested by police in Jiading for roaming streets all by himself. They made a call for owner as he was found with leash. But no one stepped forward. Now in quarantaine in clinic. Please help us with bills and join us for our cozy drink on Sunday 16th 💪💪💪  

Pause for Paws!

Join us on Sunday 16th June for a cozy drink. Tickets include food & drinks. You can take a stroll through the stands with different pet related businesses. Or just have a nice chat with fellow animal loving people. All on the groovy beats of our in house DJ. Don’t miss it! See you there!  


✈LIFT OFF PABLO✈ Thanks to sweet Elia,  our little punk is off to New York City! We will miss this tiny goofball but are utterly convinced his mum will fall in love, just like we did 💕💕💕