✈LIFT OFF Bastille✈

✈LIFT OFF Bastille✈ Bastille wasnt rescued by SAR but we did make a promise we would find him a good home. Today we kept that promise. Big thank you to sweet flight volunteer 💕💕💕

Amari’s big day is coming soon…

Amari’s big day is coming soon… It was certainly one of our weirdest rescues. Kath was first told by the garbage cleaners “the dog was taken care off”. But she never saw a body, so she drove back in middle of night and there he was, crying in the bushes… Atari clearly wasn’t treated good which left him with a goofy head tilt and an “off” walk. Now he will go to a loving home, where he can finally be a true doggy… It will be emotional but relieved hearts when we will see him there…

Speak up for the Easter bunnies!

This weekend, a lot of people will go and enjoy a good Easter brunch in Shanghai. Unfortunately many hotels and restaurants still use live bunnies as decoration and free gifts to guests. Every week after Easter we get pleas for help for people who fell into the “go so cute and for free” trap and end up with a sick bunny… With 200+ barking dogs in our little shelter, it is simply impossible for us to help these little bunnies. We JUST need everyone to speak up and remind these managers that it is NOT ok. Live animals are NOT decoration and they are NOT gifts. Please let this year be different. Please speak up when you witness this. These managers sure do not listen to rescue groups, maybe they will listen when paying customers start expressing their concerns…    

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop doing this!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop doing this!!! Spring is in the air and puppy mills are popping out! WE KNOW they look cute online and they are cheap. BUYERS SHOULD KNOW they are all sick, getting a healthy pup is like winning the lottery, chances are very very small. They come from the lowest kind of people who only care about MONEY and could not give less about the pup. Buying them, then dumping them at vet and disappear makes you just as low as those sellers. We now have 34 dogs in medical, any help from people who do care, much appreciated! (Sorry, had to vent it out )  

✈LIFT OFF Brownie✈

LIFT OFF Brownie This little love bug is going home and he is being escorted by amazing foster mum Antje💕 Thank you Antje, for literally everything you have done💕 Have a safe flight! Big hug for Claudia too who arranged it all💕💕