🐾Welcome Jove🐾

🐾Welcome Jove🐾 She was spotted hiding in bushes in front of a hospital. Her rescuer tried all the tricks in the books but Jove was too scared and too fast to be caught. Time to send in professional Mark once again 😁 Couple hours later, vet checked and cleared so far… If you are interested in sponsering or donating, please give a shout! We have close to 200 dogs in our care and could def use the help


🎉ADOPTED🎉 Completely black and scared, we definetely were worried about finding DaHei a proper home. He could be so sweet but never showed it to strangers… So with jumping hearts we met this amazing lady and she saw his beauty and his kindness. YEASSS!!! Dahei definetely has a long way to go, but she promised to give him all the time he needs… Classic line but truly words can not express our gratitude. You be a good boy now Dahei 💕💕

🐾Welcome Tommy🐾

🐾Welcome Tommy🐾 Absolutely gorgeous, sweet, kind and a softy. We are clueless why someone abandoned Tommy. Although he is young, his fur tells us he has been on the street for awhile… Wish he could tell us, he tries to, he will strike up a complete conversation when he gets attention… Anyone in need of a true Talking Tommy?  

Welcome Kathy…

For a little 50 euro you can buy “a purebred toy poodle” on Taobao. Delivered to your door the next day. The pictures in the advertisements are super cute. BUT reality is a lot less cute, as ALL these online pups turn out to be severely sick. Puppy mills are the source of all suffering WORLDWIDE, China is no exception. As long as people keep falling for these scams, dogs will suffer… Kathy will be given a fighting chance. We hope her brothers, sisters and her parents are ok. Chance is small..