Thank you!

To everyone who made 2017 such a warm and loving year, THANK YOU! Lets keep going in 2018 and make it truly the Year of the Dog! ️❤️❤️


✈️LIFT OFF COW & LUCY✈️ No better way to start the Year of the Dog then taking 2 shelter dogs to warm & loving forever homes! Big thanks to Ivy, Markus & Gregor to be their flight buddies! Warm blessings to everyone who made this possible!



Huber is ready!

Sweetest little teddybear in an xxl body, thats the best description for Huber. City life is no life for these big boys so we found him a home abroad with a huge garden to play & run. He just got his official papers and he looks so proud . Lets them all home❤️❤️❤️ ️️

Part 2 Leash & Tag

Part 2 of the Leash & Tag campaign we launched together with Angela! A whopping 3 dogs PER DAY are getting lost in Shanghai these days, many don’t make it home…


✈️LIFT OFF EMMA, LORE & LUCKY✈️ These beautiful ones boarded this morning! It almost didnt happen… One of the crates had a small broken off piece in the corner. We didnt think it would be a problem but the check in officer disagreed. Thankfully the pilot showed up and he vouched for us (it was really tiny). Anyway, lesson learned… And big thanks to that pilot and our flight volunteers Michaela and Emma ??