💔We just need everyones hope and prayers at the moment. In our years of rescuing, we have (unfortunately) gotten used to some neglect. But nothing prepared us for this one… Kath was doubting he would even make it to the hospital. But once he realized he was being helped, the little one raised his head and wiggled his tail. His odds are still low (he is 19 kg) but it looks like he wants to fight… 🙏


🎉ADOPTED🎉 Just like any girl, RiuRiu was a bit nervous for her big date today. But happy to say it was love at first sight   Thank you to her adopters for welcoming her in your wonderful family 


🎉ADOPTED🎉 Belly rubs and kisses, little Harli realized immediately that he hit the jackpot! Thank you to his wonderful adopters, have fun you guys    

Euh… Thanks???

Euh… Thanks??? To the person who dropped of 16 dogs on our doorstep: We appreciate how much you cared enough to help these little ones. But please next time, help a little bit more. We already have over 150 dogs. They all need a place to sleep, food, vaccinations etc etc. The shelter does not receive any funding and we only survive on donations and adoption fees. We struggle from bill to bill and our account is always in red. So we welcome these little ones with open arms but please, next time, at least leave some food…

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Its just not fair…

Its just not fair… Little Carlos was just a tiny pupper, he was having a tough time in the shelter so we got him the most amazing foster home. His foster mum told us he had some issues, we were hoping she was just being a concerned doggy mum but when we had him checked, turned out she was right… Carlos had noise around his little heart which was slowly giving up… Carlos went over the RainbowBridge last night. We could make this post all about the evil of breeders but truth is, we are too heartbroken. Heaven has gained an angel but we lost a gorgeous silly little doggy…


EC-STAT-IC! No better word to describe how we felt when we got this news! 3 of our longest shelter residents are getting their golden chance in the USA! 🎉🎉🎉