✈LIFT OFF Elton✈

LIFT OFF Elton This happy big goofball will make his adopters smile every day 😁😁😁 Seems he knew exactly what was happening and he was very excited to go… Huge thanks to Saskia for flying him home 💕💕

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🐾Welcome Scotty🐾

🐾Welcome Scotty🐾 After Kaths car decided to break down, we used a pet taxi for some hauls to the airport. Much to our surprise, he came back with a small doggy… The driver already had the pupper vet checked and bathed so last step is on us, finding him a perfect home 💕💕💕

🐾Welcome Tyson🐾

🐾Welcome Tyson🐾 This tiny sweety was brought to the shelter. He made the weirdest sounds so we knew something was up… Vet discovered someone had cut out his tongue… Sometimes you just dont want to know