Lift off Tiger

Lift off Tiger After all trouble, Tiger could fly today. Flightvolunteer Joe stepped up to take him, although he already had a big crate to tackle with Lily. Thank you HEAPS Joe! And thanks to Joanne for helping manage it all! Tigers export documents were still valid and SAS paid for the flight. Now we are still looking for a solution for little Cow, fingers and toes crossed!

Such a shame

Today was absolutely heartbreaking… Preparing a dog for export takes time and a whole lot of paperwork. We are on a very tight schedule, we did get extra time but the shelter is still closing! We have to get them out. Every single export is emotional, certainly after talking with the adoptive families.

Taking dogs to the airport and then having to put  them back in the cage is one of the most hollow feelings ever… All because of what???

We never got a good explanation, all paperwork was perfect in order. More over, they made us wait for FOUR hours to get a harsh, empty answer of the manager in charge.  We sure hope this will never happen to a family leaving Shanghai with their family dog, what option will they have? Just leave the dog??? The people we talked to certainly could not care less, we hope someone at SAS will step up and prove us different…

✈️Lift Off Laika & Lotte

✈️Lift Off Laika & Lotte. After all the drama this morning, happy to say two other doggies did make it on another plane. Have a safe flight little ones! Big thank you to Sarah for taking them!!! We can’t wait to see them running “dans la Douce France’

Lift Off Susy!

Little Susy is on her way to the Big Apple! Mum Heather came to the shelter while she was visiting Shanghai a month ago and fell in love Now they will finally be reunited! Thanks a billion to Pam for taking our little Susy Q! Safe travels little sweetie!

Lift Off Louis & Leni

And Part two ? Louis and Leni are off too! Have a safe journey little ones! ENORMOUS thanks to the family Funk for taking them to their new home! In total 5 dogs left today, many more to come

✈️ Lift Off Flo & Egon

Part 1 of our little marathon night ? Flo and Egon left for Holland! HUGE thank you to Heleen and family for guiding these little ones to their new life! Have a safe flight, we can’t wait to see you RUNNNN!