Welcome Otis

Little Otis just got “the clear” from the hospital and came to the shelter. Due to the severe injuries, he will always have a wobbly walk and his flat nosey might make it difficult to fly. So we are looking for a special home in Shanghai. It won’t be easy with so many pups around but we have to try… Any shares highly appreciated!


?ADOPTED? Carlos went home! One very lucky boy and he knows it… He sticks to his new owner like glue, showing what a good boy he can be ❤️ (and yes we see the irony after just posting our black dog flyer

MAYHEM in 3…2…

This is whats complete mayhem looks like ? All kidding aside, when we started rescuing, there were no purebreds in rescue. Now even purebred pups are dumped… Please lets turn that back! ADOPT!