With the shelter still on lock down, we need to get our pooches OUT, not in… But how to look away??? Certainly when they are dropped basically in front of the door… But whats most scary is that they are all purebreds. Wish all the breeders in the world could be put on lock down. Problem solved


In less then 4 months, more then 50 dogs found loving homes all over the world… THANK YOU to all who made it possible, we could not have done it without you❤️ Happy holidays everyone


✈️Lift Off for Coke, Mara, Luna, Tessa and Lily! ✈️5 dogs in different terminals, we are ready for a marathon after today! Unfortunately we also got a good taste of Murpys law, Lily was delayed for 5 hours, volunteers car broke down on the highway, Belgian doggies that left yesterday got delayed and had to go by train to Bruxelles Midi instead of Zaventem, empty batteries on phones and computers that just went out. WE HAD IT ALL TODAY. In couple hours we will be back at Pudong airport, please please please let all go smooth and doggies & flight volunteers arrive safe & sound…

Lift off Tiger

Lift off Tiger After all trouble, Tiger could fly today. Flightvolunteer Joe stepped up to take him, although he already had a big crate to tackle with Lily. Thank you HEAPS Joe! And thanks to Joanne for helping manage it all! Tigers export documents were still valid and SAS paid for the flight. Now we are still looking for a solution for little Cow, fingers and toes crossed!